Will we meet at Nor-Shipping 2019?

Nor-Shipping 2019  has started, and the incredible "The Alarm Race" game has already had many players that are trying to win a smartwatch. But we haven't developed the panels solely for running a game.

Do you have what it takes?

We invite you to fun days at our stand at Nor-Shipping 2019 with refreshments and games. The incredible "The Alarm Race" game will give you a chance to operate a real ship alarm system in a stressful environment - do you have what it takes? The top three high score winners will be awarded a SMART WATCH.

Super Panels for Superyacht!

The premium look, functionality, and feel of our engine control panels were found to be a perfect match for the Superyacht MY Mischief when a new complete engine monitoring system was needed.

Pretty Sophisticated Functionality

We recently serviced an Auto-Maskin control unit for emergency power, that was developed in the year 1979. This, for its time pretty sophisticated, 40-year old vintage control unit was simply named the “79239”. We are in it for the long-run!

A Significant Milestone Reached

Fifty years of progress is something to be proud of for the innovators and engineers at Auto-Maskin. It is a long time in the world of electronics and control systems. You do not last that long without a focus on innovation and quality, and being agile towards market and customer needs.

Auto-Maskin LLC Goes to the Panama Canal

Two new engine control systems for the Yanmar 6EY17W engine were installed as part of an engine replacement and upgrade in an overhaul of the M/V "DON ADRES" in Colon, Panama. The systems were designed and built by Auto-Maskin LLC partnering with Yanmar USA and JTC Pacifico, Panama.

IACS Certifications Across the Globe

Recently, both CCS in China and RINA in Italy have renewed the certifications of Marine Pro products under the IACS standards, both in terms of hardware and software. The design and the manufacturing processes at Auto-Maskin have undergone vigorous appraisals by IACS members across the globe, and the Marine Pro and Marine Plus systems have full Type Approvals from the leading Classification Societies.

Auto-Maskin 50 Years

May you live in interesting times! This well-known English expression is where Auto-Maskin is living right now. Looking back at 50 years of operation, we are full of pride and confidence in what we have achieved. Auto-Maskin has been leading the way, and today, our control solutions are world-leading and approved by all the leading classification societies. Read more about Auto-Maskin's past, present and future in ever-expanding markets and with upcoming exciting news.

Fasten Your Seat Belts!

Over the years, Auto-Maskin has provided control and monitoring solutions to a variety of unusual installations, but we think this is the first time we have had a Jet engine under our care! Auto-Maskin supplies controllers to a gas turbine powered Genset well suited for superyachts.

Quality Assured Repairs

Increasing populations and continued growth of the number of global installations has led to a new initiative by Auto-Maskin. To reduce the response time, the complexity of transactions, and to increase customer satisfaction relating to repairs of Auto-Maskin equipment outside of warranty, most contracted distributors have been qualified to perform certain repairs on the 400 and 300 series products.

Honolulu Workhorse Upgraded

Foss Marine, Hawaii, selects Auto-Maskin’s “Marine Watch” as new vessel alarm system for their M/V "Eleu".

Barge Goes Better

Dutch IWW barge chooses Auto-Maskin control system. The owners of the MDS Frisian recognized Auto-Maskin controllers as being the best during the recent repower of the vessel with Yanmar engines.

Generating Power in Arabia

This summer, Auto-Maskin delivered a customised generator control system for five generators to a jack-up oil rig operating in the Persian Gulf. All systems onboard must satisfy several safety regulations to secure a liable operation and this retrofit project from Auto-Maskin was delivered under heavy time pressure.

RP 206E for the Perfect Wingman

The durable, rugged and sealed RP 206E Remote Panel is twin-engine enabled and perfect for use on a bridge wing or in any other location where you would want to give your operator the full overview of all engine data whilst maintaining operational security.

Significant Vessels on Show

Significant vessels on show at the Seawork pontoons fitted with Auto-Maskin products. It is the nature of our business that we often never see the “where” and the “how” our products are installed, so it was really interesting to see a couple of examples on show at the exhibition marina.

Busy Three Days at Seawork

The Auto-Maskin stand at Seawork 2018 had a regular stream of visitors over the three days of the show, and with the weather being very kind, also managed to spend a significant amount of time out on the pontoons.

Marine Pro Comes Ashore

Whilst developed for the marine environment, the DCU 210E has attracted interest and sales from across a wide range of industries. One installation is with CokeBusters, a company that specializes in cleaning pipework associated with furnaces and fire tubes.

Learn more about Marine View

The Marine View Vessel Management System supports the operator to do the necessary decisions at any time, to keep the vessel in safe operation.

Upgraded After 25 Trouble-free Years

After 25 years of virtually trouble-free operation with the old Auto-Maskin control system, the owner of this installation, an important institution in the financial markets, decided to upgrade.

Foss Maritime Selects Marine Watch

The existing Vessel Alarm System was old and outdated with no available support. After reviewing several available vessel alarm systems the owner, Foss Maritime, selected Auto-Maskin’s Marine Watch Vessel Alarm System for the upgrade on “Lauren Foss”.

Barcol Air is Auto-Maskin in S E Asia

Headquartered in Singapore, but with offices and partners throughout S E Asia, Barcol Air supplies equipment and expertise to a multitude of opportunities, whether it is a large upgrade program, a new vessel build or a simple spare part.

All Jacked up … with MTU

A new accommodation Jack up platform gets DCU advantages. Control cabinets built by GreenShip Co., the Auto-Maskin distributor in China, manages 3 large MTU 12V4000 driven generating sets providing prime power for a GM-J180A-Accommodation Jack.

The 200E Series fully retires the 200 Classic

The 200 Classic series of engine control system units is now entering retirement for good. Luckily there's a new sheriff in town with the 200E series, which entirely replaces the Classic series both for new units and spare parts.

Auto-Maskin recertified, again

Auto-Maskin AS has just been recertified for its whole range of operations. The ISO 9001 certificate documents our ability to deliver high quality in all our products and projects, whilst the ISO 14001 certificate shows that the Auto-Maskin group are an environmentally conscious organization who takes its responsibilities seriously.

Making Life Simple, an Easy Upgrade

The easy way to upgrade your 200 Series products to the 200E Series ones. The DCU 210 and RP 210 “Classic” products have been very successful, with installations all over the globe, but all good things must come to an end.

Busy, Busy, Busy at Asia Pacific Maritime!

Together with our distributor for SE Asia, Barcol-Air Engineering, Auto-Maskin spent a very productive three days at the show. Despite the challenging market conditions, there were several opportunities that came forward, and generally, an air of improvement was felt throughout the exhibition.

Quality not Quantity at OSJ

Challenging but interesting times in the offshore market these days; OSJ conference provided some excellent opportunities and insight! What about making a PSV into a self-contained, mobile power station?

Protective Covers for the 200E Series Panels

Typically the DCU 210E, RP210E and RP 220E can be installed in locations where they are exposed to the elements, either during operation or lay up. Protect your instrumentation from the elements with these stylish new covers.

Marine Pro on a Mission

The global political landscape has over the last years brought several high-profiled projects to Auto-Maskin’s doorstep. The most exciting among them was completed in 2017 involving design and delivery of engine control systems for the entire power plant on an aircraft carrier.

PLUG and GO Engine Control

Just plug one end of the harness into the ECM and the other end into the DCU 210E Engine Controller. Add 12 or 24V power to the labeled leads, upload the engine configuration and you're finished. Simple! That’s how easy it is to connect a DCU 210E Engine Controller to one of Cummins line of engines below 15 liters.