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Engine Controllers

1006445 DCU 410E Engine Controller

1006510 DCU 408E Engine Controller

1006602 DCU 305 R3 Engine Controller

1006607 DCU 305 R3 Main Unit Engine Controller

1006420 DCU 305 R3 LT Engine Controller

1006421 DCU 305 R3 LT Main Unit Engine Controller

1006400 DCU 305 A R2 Engine Controller

1006401 DCU 305 P R2 Engine Controller

1006402 DCU 305 A R2 CAN Engine Controller

1006403 DCU 305 P R2 CAN Engine Controller

1006405 DCU 305 A R2 Main Unit Engine Controller

1006406 DCU 305 P R2 Main Unit Engine Controller

1006407 DCU 305 A R2 CAN Main Unit Engine Controller

1006408 DCU 305 P R2 CAN Main Unit Engine Controller

1006475 DCU 210E Engine Controller

1006477 DCU 208E Engine Controller

1100711 ProConnect C1

Remote Panels

1006446 RP 410E Remote Panel

1006476 RP 210E Remote Panel

1006472 RP 220E Remote Panel

1006478 RP 206E Remote Panel

1006500 RSP 305 Remote Panel

1006501 RSP 305 Remote Panel Kit

Safety Modules

1006418 SDU 404 Safety Shutdown Unit

1006451 SDU 410 Safety Shutdown Unit

1311229 RPS Redundant Power Selector

Extension I/O

1006453 RIO 410 Remote I/O Unit

1006462 RIO 210 Remote I/O Unit

1006454 RIO 412 Exhaust Temperature Interface

1006417 RIO 216 Remote I/O Unit

1121341 MK-14 Relay Expansion Unit

1075410 RK-66 Interface Module

1075264 AK-6 Analog Expansion

Power Management

1006409 RIO 425 AC Generator Interface

1311188 LSU 408 Load Sharing Unit

Alarm Management

4100001 MWP 60 Marine Watch Panel

4100005 MWP 120 Marine Watch Panel

4100008 MWP 240 Marine Watch Panel

4100015 MWC 60 Marine Watch Cabinet

4100016 MWC 120 Marine Watch Cabinet

4100018 MWC 240 Marine Watch Cabinet

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