Auto-Maskin has close to 50 years of experience designing and producing custom projects for our customers. Our solutions combines well-proven design with modern products and technology. Our engineering team offer high quality solutions, excellent support and dedication whether your project is small and simple or large and complex. Choosing Auto-Maskin as your supplier or partner is your safe choice, please contact us for any inquiry.

Pretty Sophisticated Functionality

We recently serviced an Auto-Maskin control unit for emergency power, that was developed in the year 1979. This, for its time pretty sophisticated, 40-year old vintage control unit was simply named the “79239”. We are in it for the long-run!

A Significant Milestone Reached

Fifty years of progress is something to be proud of for the innovators and engineers at Auto-Maskin. It is a long time in the world of electronics and control systems. You do not last that long without a focus on innovation and quality, and being agile towards market and customer needs.

Auto-Maskin LLC Goes to the Panama Canal

Two new engine control systems for the Yanmar 6EY17W engine were installed as part of an engine replacement and upgrade in an overhaul of the M/V "DON ADRES" in Colon, Panama. The systems were designed and built by Auto-Maskin LLC partnering with Yanmar USA and JTC Pacifico, Panama.