Marine View

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The Marine View Vessel Management System supports the operator to do the necessary decisions at any time, to keep the vessel in safe operation.

DCU Discovery Tool

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Have you lost the IP address of your DCU 408E / 208E? The DCU Discovery Tool helps you to identify all DCU units on the same network, independent of network configuration.

RP 206E for the Perfect Wingman

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The durable, rugged and sealed RP 206E Remote Panel is twin-engine enabled and perfect for use on a bridge wing or in any other location where you would want to give your operator the full overview of all engine data whilst maintaining operational security.

Learn more about Marine View

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The Marine View Vessel Management System supports the operator to do the necessary decisions at any time, to keep the vessel in safe operation.

The 200E Series fully retires the 200 Classic

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The 200 Classic series of engine control system units is now entering retirement for good. Luckily there's a new sheriff in town with the 200E series, which entirely replaces the Classic series both for new units and spare parts.

Auto-Maskin recertified, again

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Auto-Maskin AS has just been recertified for its whole range of operations. The ISO 9001 certificate documents our ability to deliver high quality in all our products and projects, whilst the ISO 14001 certificate shows that the Auto-Maskin group are an environmentally conscious organization who takes its responsibilities seriously.

Making Life Simple, an Easy Upgrade

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The easy way to upgrade your 200 Series products to the 200E Series ones. The DCU 210 and RP 210 “Classic” products have been very successful, with installations all over the globe, but all good things must come to an end.

Protective Covers for the 200E Series Panels

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Typically the DCU 210E, RP210E and RP 220E can be installed in locations where they are exposed to the elements, either during operation or lay up. Protect your instrumentation from the elements with these stylish new covers.

PLUG and GO Engine Control

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Just plug one end of the harness into the ECM and the other end into the DCU 210E Engine Controller. Add 12 or 24V power to the labeled leads, upload the engine configuration and you're finished. Simple! That’s how easy it is to connect a DCU 210E Engine Controller to one of Cummins line of engines below 15 liters.

  • Ethernet

Safe, Secure and User Friendly

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Why Auto-Maskin selected Ethernet as its backbone communication. Auto-Maskin’s decision 9 years ago to employ Ethernet as the core process to move data around its proprietary networks is another example of why Auto-Maskin leads the market in diesel engine controllers with remote paneling.

  • How secondary starting used to be!

Dual Starter Support

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In some applications, it is a requirement that there are two independent means of starting the engine. This is a potentially complex and difficult operation, but Marine Pro controllers are able to control two separate starting systems effectively.

Marine Pro Integrates with Volvo Penta Engines

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Auto-Maskin DCU 210E and DCU 410E engine controllers can now control Volvo Penta engines with EMS 2.0, 2.2 and 2.3 software equipped ECM’s. This increases accuracy, simplifies installation and wiring, provides consistent control strategies for Volvo specifiers, and finally provides Volvo generating set makers a modern local panel solution.

Marine Pro Range

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Marine Pro 200 SeriesThe Marine Pro 200 series provides the latest in technology and capability to diesel engine users and specifiers.  Auto-Maskin provides a series of modern, value-added, integrated products that allow crews to operate [...]

  • Marine Watch

Let Marine Watch Join Your Crew

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Miles from land, open ocean, bad weather. It’s a good feeling knowing you have Auto-Maskin’s “Marine Watch” system onboard watching every alarm and level, letting you take care of vessel business.

  • RIO 425

Simplify your AC Generating set

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The RIO 425 brings all the AC alternator information straight to the DCU, replacing the panel showing AC parameters traditionally mounted on the generator.

  • Marine Pluss 300

300 Series certificates renewed

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It speaks volumes about the reliability and forward thinking typical of Auto-Maskin that the products in the Marine Plus 300 Series have been high volume sellers for a very long time!

  • ProConnect C1

Connect Your Engines – ProConnect C1

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Diesel engines, control panels, wiring harnesses, sensors, it always seems so complicated doesn't it? It does not have to be, especially if you are the owner of a Cummins propulsion engine of less than 15 liters.