The durable, rugged and sealed RP 206E Remote Panel is twin-engine enabled and perfect for use on a bridge wing or in any other location where you would want to give your operator the full overview of all engine data whilst maintaining operational security.

The 200E series has gained a new member. As all of the remote panels in the 200E series, the RP 206E is so easy to install that you can afford to install one in every location where you would want to keep an eye on the performance of your engines.

The 200E units can fit into any vessel interior with its sleek all-glass front, touch display, and touch buttons. Combined with the ultra-quick processor and intuitive graphics it adds real value to the operator. The self-configurable concept enables the 206E remote panel to simply plug in and work with no programming what so ever! With the Auto-Maskin self-configurable concept you can truly connect remote panels, visualise all parameters and have full alarm list functionality with just a click of a button. It has proven to be a huge cost saver for ship owners because potential changes in sensors are automatically reflected on the remote panels and effectively void the need for costly service engineers to come aboard.