Increasing populations and continued growth of the number of global installations has led to a new initiative by Auto-Maskin.  To reduce the response time, complexity of transaction, and increase customer satisfaction relating to repairs of Auto-Maskin equipment outside of warranty, most contracted distributors have been qualified to perform certain repairs on the 400 and 300 series products.

All these distributors have now trained technicians, audited service repair locations, and locally held parts stock to enable fast, accurate and quality assured repairs.

Rolf Larsson, who was the lead trainer from Auto-Maskin comments

“We had great feedback from the course, the group were very knowledgeable and shared their knowledge and experience which was great to understand.  This response re-inforced our belief that this is the start of a journey where we bring more and more of the Auto-Maskin family together to help our customers improve safety, reliability, reduce downtime and improve our product’s durability”.