This summer Auto-Maskin delivered a customised generator control system to an oil rig operating in the Persian Gulf, one of the world’s richest areas for oil and gas activities.

This rig is a jack-up rig, meaning that it is able to self-elevate over the seabed where the drilling operation takes place. All systems onboard must satisfy several safety regulations to secure a liable operation and the delivery from Auto-Maskin was delivered under heavy time pressure for this retrofit project.

The core components of the control system are five Auto-Maskin LSU 408’s, each controlling a Caterpillar diesel generator. Four of the generators are for power generation to daily drilling activities, and one of them is an emergency power generator, crucial for running the correct procedures in emergency situations.

With these controllers as the main building blocks, the complete control system is designed, assembled and tested by Auto-Maskin at their headquarters in Norway, and commissioning takes place on site in the Middle East. The control system takes care of load sharing, synchronising, generator protections and more, and is engineered and tested in close collaboration with the switchboard manufacturer as well as the package supplier.

This project is an example of how Auto-Maskin is able to utilise their long experience within advanced power management solutions, in applications with hard requirements on operational excellence and safety.