Over the years, Auto-Maskin has provided control and monitoring solutions to a variety of unusual installations, but we think this is the first time we have had a Jet engine under our care! Auto-Maskin supplies controllers to a gas turbine powered Genset well suited for superyachts.

Within the SuperYacht Pavilion of the METS exhibition, RH Marine showed a 65Kw generating set driven by a Capstone turbine, with control and monitoring systems provided by a DCU 210E and Class approved shutdowns by the SDU 404. Ideally suited for superyachts, with a very compact installation, very low levels of vibration, instant availability and a very big dose of “kudos”, the gas turbine unit is ideally suited to this market. The DCU210E really complimented the installation, with it’s flexible I/O, ease of configuration and high functionality matching the unique gas turbine needs and of course its great colour touchscreen display, multiple languages and ease of integration into larger systems adding to the value package. Using the RIO 425 also allowed the AC parameters to be automatically displayed as well on the DCU 210E.

A jumbo jet next time maybe?