May you live in interesting times!

– This well-known English expression is where Auto-Maskin is living right now. Looking back over 50 years of operation, we are full of pride and confidence in what we have achieved. For half a century, Auto-Maskin has been leading the way in controlling rotating machinery, especially large piston engines in the marine and industrial business sectors.

There were no ready-made solutions to the control challenges that met us back then, but it soon became clear that special electronic solutions had to be developed to meet our customer’s needs. Our earliest control systems were developed from prototypes in 1969, and in our museum, we have serial-produced electronics from 1975 that is still fully functional. This reflects throughout our products, where they have always been durable, reliable, safe and easy to use for the operators, while at the same time offering the best and most thoughtful configuration and customization capabilities for any project.

Over these last 50 years though, we have applied these skill sets to newer markets and today, we are the leader in Norwegian emergency power management systems where the largest customers operate within communications, defence, broadcasting sectors, probably the most demanding in the world. True to form, Auto-Maskin is always involved when complexity, compliance and quality are demanded in these industries, and our customers insist on the best.

Alongside our Norwegian successes, globally our electronic products for reciprocating engines remain world-leading, approved by all of the top quality societies, and today are an export success, being delivered straight to the assembly lines of the world’s largest engine manufacturers around the world.

Now in a significant anniversary year, we look forward to again exhibiting at the Nor-Shipping marine fair in Norway in June. We will launch new and exciting products, which are true to our goal: The safest, most accurate and compliant control of reciprocating engines and rotating machinery   ……Not forgetting, of course, electric drives!

May you live in interesting times!

Skjetten, January 2019


Svein Arild Hagnæss
Managing Director

P.S. Visit this article again for updated news about events and products as we move further into our anniversery!