Fifty years of progress is something to be proud of for the innovators and engineers at Auto-Maskin. It is a long time in the world of electronics and control systems. You do not last that long without a focus on innovation and quality, and being agile towards market and customer needs.

These core focus areas remain as strong today as they have been throughout our history.  Our engineers and developers made the first PCB based engine control systems way back then, we launched the first web browser configured engine controllers in the early 2000’s and today Auto-Maskin continues launching new features and functionality within its MarinePro range of equipment.

“It is not just about products”  Simon Tandy, a 10 year veteran at Auto-Maskin comments.  “We are a close knit, vibrant community.  We use flexible, agile cross functional teams to translate the needs of our customers into solutions driven by our experience and knowledge.  Auto-Maskin has invested in the highest quality as well, whether that is in obtaining IACS certifications, ISO 9001 and 14001 business certifications, a solid Sustainability policy, and up to date training for engineering and production staff”

The last fifty years of Auto-Maskin have been a journey of cutting edge innovation, substantial growth, passion for our work and quality towards our customers and delivery partners.  We have only just started…