The Smart Way Ahead

Auto-Maskin’s VMS/IAS solution combines modular design and powerful technology with many years of field and market experience from the marine industry.

Why choose Marine View?

Because you want the best, most reliable, and versatile Vessel Management System built today!

Marine View offers a modern design and presents appropriate information intuitively, allowing operators to make faster, more accurate operational decisions to reduce costs and protect investments. The standardized Marine View solutions reduce procurement costs compared too unique “one-off” builds. Marine View effectively meets the most complex needs, prepared to monitor and control all vessel sub-systems. It is based on society approved components and dynamic software with real-time monitoring, data logging, and reporting, and is scalable from small boats to large multipurpose vessels without compromise.

  • Modular design
  • Cost-effective
  • Increased vessel safety
  • More efficient operation
  • High level of user configurability
  • Self-diagnostic

The Marine View management and control core is a world-leading modular SCADA and PLC software designed for critical applications. The system includes a high level of integrity, security, and redundancy on all software and network levels.


The advantage of autoconfiguration is inbuilt as standard. Marine View has a huge advantage being fully integrated to the engine control systems from the biggest engine manufacturers providing true auto configuration – changes on sensors will immediately be reflected on the Marine View operator stations without the need for costly programmers to come onboard. The system also is configurable to a great extent making it very flexible for shipyards, integrators and operators. All this in a system that has to ability to run an entire cruise vessel and then some more.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration is crucial for achieving the highest level of functionality. With over 300 protocols included the Marine View system allows for full interface to any 3rd party systems data communication, design- and operator interface philosophy being equal across the platform.

The system includes most known protocols as standard and allows for full third-party integration. The system obsoletes compromises on integration across the vessel.

Modular design


Download the Marine View Brochure here (PDF opens in new window).


Since the early beginnings in 1969, the singular focus and depth of expertise of the marine team at Auto-Maskin has provided customers across the globe with the means to accurately measure, protect and operate marine machinery, initially diesel engines of all manufacturers.

Marine View is a natural extension of these skill sets and capabilities, incorporating the knowledge of the Marine environment, the understanding of crew and vessel operations and the technical prowess to reduce complexity, installation and purchase costs to the specifiers.

Auto-Maskin, world leaders in diesel engine monitoring and control bring the whole vessel under the same levels of safety, control and efficiency.